LEM Products #10 Stainless Steel – Hand Crank Meat Grinder

Hand Crank Meat Grinder

If you’ve ever asked yourself: “why am I paying steak prices for substandard ground meat?” you’ve come to the right article. It happens all too often; we arrive at the supermarket and are confronted with overpriced, grayed meat in Styrofoam trays, labeled with frightening percentages, 80% lean, 90% lean, what makes up the other percent? In the average prepackaged meat, there are additions of unlabeled parts of animals. Consumers then unknowingly devour any variety of bodily bits, and it can be assumed that there are some unwelcomed inclusions. While there is the benefit of ease in purchasing pre-ground meats, the advantages of grinding your own meats are far superior with the right tools. [el552dd2f55bd1a anchor=”Check On Amazon” asin=”B002L84GJU” imgurl=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81AA1UGMrNL._.jpg” imgalt=”Stainless Steel Hand Crank Meat Grinder”]

While there are various electric grinders on the market, there is a certain nostalgic quality that comes with using a classic hand grinder, stirring images of grandparents preparing Sunday dinners utilizing the rustic looking countertop vessel. LEM’s #10 Stainless Steel hand crank meat grinder is heavy-duty, durable, and rust resistant option that will kick start your meat grinding crusade. Outfitted with two stainless steel plates, a stainless steel knife, and a set of three stuffing tubes for sausages, your package includes all the fixings you’ll require to grind your own cuts.

Unlike those typical plastic eyesore grinders, LEM’s highly polished stainless design offers a timeless alternative that will suit the design of any kitchen space – it’s an appliance you’ll display proudly out in the open. The wide opening on the clamp makes it easy to mount onto any number of countertops or surfaces, and as such can be moved with minimal effort. Weighing in at around eight pounds, you can undoubtedly bring it along to the next neighborhood barbecue. Just crank it onto any chosen and you’ll be ready to get grinding!

To begin experimenting in the art that is meat grinding, you can visit your local butcher or supermarket to pick up your cut of choice. When grinding your own meats, you have the opportunity to get seriously creative with your mixtures. You can opt to mix different types of meats, fish, or even vegetables in the same mix, which is especially advantageous when prepping burgers and sausages. The possibilities are truly endless.

Cube the meats and trim them well before you begin, as it will be easier to process through the plates. It’s also recommended to use cold meats in order to prevent smearing, fat leakage, and undesirable texture. The LEM hand crank meat grinder requires some manual effort to push the cuts through the plates and produce your finished mix. To minimize physical exertion, turn the crank in a steady motion at an even pace. After using, be sure to thoroughly clean the blades to prevent cross-contamination and bacteria growth. Luckily, the LEM grinder is easy to disassemble so you can give it a proficient wash between each use. Because the blades are not stainless steel, it is important to dry them immediately after washing to prevent any rust from developing.

Convenient, easy, and practical, the LEM grinder allows you to grind meats that are absolutely healthier, cleaner, tastier, and have a better texture. Owning a meat grinder will save you money on those overpriced prepackaged slabs that are already oxidizing by the time you greet them, and you can eliminate the potential for ingesting chemicals and ghastly additives. After grilling up your first round of home-ground turkey burgers or cooking up your lifelong favorite meatball recipe, you’ll immediately notice the immense difference in quality. And with access to your own LEM hand grinder, you can dream up any number of wild ingredients to grind together and pioneer your own recipes. Now all that sounds better than gray meats wrapped in plastic, doesn’t it?

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